Expanding Your Learning Community

If given the opportunity to grow your Personal Learning Network over the next 5 years (the end of your highschool career), how would you do it?

  • What would you include?
  • Who would you invite?
  • What would it look like?
  • How would it support your academic growth?
  • How would it support your social network?
  • How would it challenge your thinking?

Please post your complete and detailed response to this idea on your blog.  Each member of your learning community should create their own post (what you include to compliment & drive your own PLN might be very different from what others choose to include).

Once you have completed and posted your thoughts, please consider the posts of your partners.  How does their thinking move your own?  Is there anything you would change about, or add to your initial response?

Note: please title this post Expanding My Learning Community

Students as Learners and Teachers

Please reflect on the video A Brave New World-Wide Web we viewed together in class today as you respond to each of the following questions:

  1. What connections did you make to your own learning experiences?
  2. What connections did you make to the experiences you’ve had teaching others?
  3. This video was intended to move the thinking of educators.  What did you take away from it?

Please add your responses to this post by clicking on the Responses button below.

Please note:  you have the choice of entering your responses as text, audio or video message.

Once you have posted your answers to each question, click Submit Comment to save your post.

The Networked Student

Once you have watched the video, please post your answers to the following questions:

1.  Identify two things in the video that are a part of your personal learning network

2.  Identify two things in the video that are not currently a part of your network

3.  How would each of those things serve to strengthen your network?

4.  In what ways are you a ‘networked student’?

5.  How would YOU persuade a teacher to become a ‘networked educator’?

Please post your responses directly on our class blog by clicking on ‘responses’ below and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Blogging to Learn



This article gets into the process of blogging, “bringing life into learning”.

I appreciate that it offers insight into the benefits of using blogs to build personal learning networks, and shares multiple perspectives on reading online, building and engaging in a community, personal transformations of information to knowledge, and reflecting experiences for others to see and learn from. 

This is important to me, as a teacher and a learner, as I strive to realize the more subtle affordances of our digital tools. The opportunities to engage in conversation with such a wide range of perspectives, to strengthen my own understanding of various topics, to investigate and build on ideas, to draw connections among and between seemingly unrelated events, subjects, discussions, individuals, efforts…these are more subtle advantages of blogging, yet each is immeasurably significant along the journey of learning.

As Richardson comments,

This [the blogging process] just seems to me to be closer to the way we learn outside of school, and I don’t see those things happening anywhere in traditional education.” And he asks: “Could blogging be the needle that sews together what is now a lot of learning in isolation with no real connection among the disciplines? I mean ultimately, aren’t we trying to teach our kids how to learn, and isn’t that [what] blogging is all about?